Other Energy Narratives in Battlestar Galactica

Colonel Tigh declares marshal law in Resistance and the refinery ship that is producing the tylium refuses to refuel the Galactica until the civilian government is restored.

In A Disquiet Follows My Soul the tylium refinery ship jumps away from the fleet because they disagree with the cylon/human alliance that has been enacted by Admiral Adama and President Roslin. This leaves the rest of the fleet with limited transport and leads to the arrest of Vice President Zarek, whom advised the tylium ship to jump away if they disagree with the alliance. Adama threatens to expose Zarek’s attempts to sell the office of the vice presidency among other political crimes if he does not give him the location of the tylium ship. Zarek obliges and the tylium ship is returned to the fleet.

My next series of posts will be about Star Trek!


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