Doctor Who: An Army of Ghosts. Let’s Make It Bigger!

Like in “The Impossible Planet” in “An Army of Ghosts” we see human beings going to great and dangerous lengths just to procure an independent energy source. In this case, Britain’s alien intelligence agency, Torchwood, opened up a spatial disturbance in an attempt to harness a massive energy source. After they opened up the disturbance a mysterious sphere comes through the disturbance and ghost-like figures appear all over the earth.


Doctor: “So you find the breach, probe it, the sphere comes through, 600 feet above London. Bam! It leaves a hole in the fabric of reality, and that hole, you think ‘Oh. Shall we leave it alone? Shall we back off? Shall we play it safe?’ Nah you think ‘Let’s make it bigger!’”

Yvonne Hartman (Head of Torchwood, London): “It’s a massive source of energy. If we can harness that power, we need never depend on the Middle East again. Britain will become truly independent.”

 The sphere contains an army of Daleks and the ghost-like figures are actually Cybermen trying to cross over from an alternate universe. AND it just so happens that the Daleks and the Cybermen are two of the Doctor’s most notorious enemies, who then begin a battle over the earth.

Obviously the Doctor saves the day as he always does but the point of the narrative is the same, a small group of people risk not only their lives but the lives of the entire planet in an attempt at developing a cheap and independent energy resource that they know nothing about. The energy crisis needs a solution but that solution is not worth risking the lives of the people that want to use the energy in the first place.

Energy narrative characteristics found in this episode: life= energy, environmental degradation, political oppression.


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